How much does it cost to use Thumbtack?

You can join Thumbtack and view customer requests for free.

You only pay when you’re ready to respond to a customer request with a quote. Quotes range from 2–9 credits, depending on the type of project. Each credit costs $1.67. 

Many professionals who’ve found success on Thumbtack have sent at least 10 quotes before getting hired for their first project. Sending multiple quotes significantly increases your chances of being hired. So the first time you purchase credits for a quote, you’ll start off with a 10 quote package—at a 30% discount.

After you send those first ten quotes, you can choose to buy credits one quote at a time. Or you can choose the credit package that works for you. For more details on how Thumbtack Credits work click here.

If you’d like to see how many credits are needed for a certain type of project, please take a look at our credit price list here: